Terrazzo 'Vetisol Cristo'. Tiles were installed as an outside wall cladding, held with aluminium profiles .

  • A - Quality - sold per pallet (25€/m2) or per square meter (35€/m2)

Suitable for use outdoor and indoor as wall cladding. Possible to use as flooring for non intensive use, no warranty for use as flooring.

Dimensions: 59,8 cm x 59,8 cm
Thickness: 14 mm

Sold per pallet. 1 pallet = 27 sqm
Due to storage and transport some pieces may be slightly damaged. This is why we offer a margin of + 5% extra Terrazzo tiles for each pallet.

Good used condition, may have a few scratches and small chips (chip tolerance along edges: less than 20 mm). Due to the old fixing system, two sides have grooves. Edges are slightly bevelled and colour may slightly vary from a tile to another due to weathering. Small scratches are possible.

  • C - Quality - sold per m2, only available in the shop  for 9€/m2. Leftovers and damaged pieces, needs to be recut or installed as an opus incertum.

Terrazzo 'Vetisol Cristo' wall cladding (60* 60 cm)

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barcode: 168CLA0013M2

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