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New: Strappy shelf made from discarded boards

By 17 April 2018news

Strappy is a wall mounted bookshelf made from discarded boards.

The shelves are made solely from boards that would otherwise have been wasted. We source these materials in to be demolished buildings, or obtain them from cutting wastes at local carpenters. As a result, the boards come in a broad variety of materials and finishings that evolves constantly.


Currently available:


  • Strappy – white straps

  • Strappy – black straps

  • Shelf ‘Strappy’ – MDF with white laminate

    21 available
  • Shelf ‘Strappy’ – MDF with grey laminate

    15 available
  • Shelf ‘Strappy’ – MDF with dark blue laminate

    70 available
  • Shelf ‘Strappy’ – white laminated particle board

    25 available
  • Shelf ‘Strappy’ – Plywood with walnut veneer

    3 available
  • Shelf ‘Strappy’ – Birch plywood

    47 available
  • Shelf ‘Strappy’ – Spruce plywood

    9 available

Interior images: Juliette Bibasse

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