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What is right now just an empty former chocolat factory, will soon host our new headquarters. Before that happens, a big challenge lays ahead. We ‘ll need to move a couple dozen truckloads of materials. Here is the plan:

  • We close on Monday 20 February. Clients can still place orders trough our website, but should expect no shipping or pick ups to be possible before 10 days.
  • Saturday the 25th of February, we’ll have a yard sale in our former warehouse. Most materials will already have been moved out, everything that is left will be let go at bargain prices. Open 10AM to 3 PM. First come, first served. Cash and carry only.
  • Monday 6th of March (if all goes well) we’ll be operational again in our new warehouse in Anderlecht. As soon as we are completely installed, we’ll organise an opening party. We’ll keep you posted.