Workshops and events at RotorDC

Every once in a while, we organise workshops and events. These workshops will take place either in our shop’s atelier, or in our conference room.
There are three types of workshops to look out for:

  • Make-it-take-it” Learn how to make a specific product and take it home the same day!
  • Snapshots” These are presentations around reuse techniques and strategies by professionals. (FREE  : no prior experience necessary, some are hands on with tools and materials provided)
  • How to” are open forums addressing certain product lines in our stock!
    (FREE : geared towards professionals in the field looking to learn the ins and outs of certain reuse material)

Workshop Policies: Please review policies below before committing to a workshop.

  • All workshops are 18+ unless accompanied by an adult; no prior experience necessary;
  • If you are unable to attend your one-time workshop, email us 24-hours before the class starts.
  • Materials are included in the fee for the workshop (if applicable)
If you are interested in collaborating with us and have a workshop idea, would like to present a project based in the reuse culture, or simply have some questions please send us a message at!





  • 04/04 @ 18h