A new line of lights made from reused terrazzo     

New in our shop! Hanging light ‘Aurore’ in white terrazzo with brass fittings, home made in our own light workshop.

When we dismantle tiles and natural stone we often have damaged pieces that are hard to find a use for. This series of wall lights, ceiling lights and hanging lights ‘Aurore’ makes clever use of these smaller pieces. First step is to cut the damaged tiles to homogenous circles using a CNC water jet.

Then, the fittings are assembled using only standardised brass parts from the chandelier industry. This helps to keep the cost of these lights quite low, even if they are assembled by hand in Brussels. Aurore wall lights are available from 59€/ pc. The hanging lights cost 129€/ pc, or a bit more if you want an exceptionally long model.

Some fresh shapes have recently been added to the collection.

These lamps are assembled to spec, so give us a few days to prepare your order.


Images by Luna Pittau  



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