Rotor Deconstruction facilitates the reuse of construction materials.

Rotor Deconstruction is a pioneering company in the field of salvaged building components.
Besides running a store in the Brussels Region, we also provide assistance to building owners, contractors and architects.


‘Strappy’, A shelf made from reclaimed boards

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Strappy is a shelf made from reclaimed boards and pallet-straps. It can easily be attached to the wall with two screws (included). Different types of boards and finishings are available depending on availability on our deconstruction sites. Each shelf measures…

Opening of research building “NEST” by Werner Sobek with Rotordc hardware

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Design for disassembly is one thing, but how can one make sure that building components will also effectively be reused over and over? An interesting conversation with Frank Heinlein (Werner Sobek Group) and Dirk Hebel (Karlsruher Institut für Technologie) lead…

Now Online: Materials from Boudewijn Building by Jaspers-Eyers, 1990

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Build for the Vlaamse Gemeenschap and opened in 1990, the Boudewijn Building (also referred to as "Noord Building" or "the slope") is currently scheduled for total demolition. We have salvaged large quantities of reusable materials such as glass partition walls…

New: offer a Rotor DC gift card

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Mismatched presents are painful for everyone involved, and they rarely do good for the environment. That's why we decided to launch our new system of gift cards. Sending a card is very simple: you can freely choose the amount, add…

Coups de Coeur from our store

  • Pair of door handle in brass

    7 available
  • Sale!

    Door from Antwerp City Hall

     299,00  149,00 /pc.
  • Sale!

    Door from Antwerp City Hall

     249,00  149,00 /pc.
  • Hanging light “Adhoc”

    8 available
  • SNEAD book stack ‘Book Tower’

     150,00 300,00
  • Sale!

    Hanging light in blown glass

     159,00  119,00 /pc.
  • Hanging light in orange glass ca. 1970

  • Hanging light with shade in opaline glass (wrinkled edges)

    13 available
  • Coat Rack by Giancarlo Piretti Anonima Castelli, Italy, 1972

     89,00 /pc.
  • Sale!

    ‘Mezzaluna’ uplighter by Bruno Gecchelin for Skipper ca.1975

     119,00  49,00
  • Sale!

    Bronze cast decorative facade element

     99,00  39,00
    23 available
  • 30 mm Tiles in casted basalt ca. 1970s (20*20cm)

     59,00 / m2
    88 available
  • Hanging light in glass ca. 1970

  • Hanging light with shade in opaline

  • Gold plated cup holder

  • Hanging light in holophane glass

    2 available
  • Orange lampoon in glass ca. 1930

    5 available
  • Black socket E27 in gloss porcelain with brass (new)

    86 available
  • Decorative aluminum drop ceiling panels

     500,00 /set
  • Large coat hook in porcelain

    6 available
  • Double door with sculpted frame from Antwerpen Stadhuis

  • Sale!

    Pendant lamp ‘Serpentine’by Gabi Peretto for Fontana Arte

     199,00  149,00
    2 available
  • Pink bathroom sink in porcelain “Sphinx” with integrated soap tray

    4 available
  • Set of lampoons in glass ca. 1930

  • Yellow Art Deco lampoon in glass

    2 available
  • Mirror (rectangle)

    11 available
  • Sale!

    Chromed foot for power sockets ‘Lab’

     19,00 29,00
  • Sale!

    Door from Antwerp City Hall

     249,00  149,00 /pc.
  • Angled porcelain lamp socket (new)

     9,00 /pc.
    73 available
  • Sale!

    Door from Antwerp City Hall

     249,00  149,00 /pc.