Rotor Deconstruction facilitates the reuse of construction materials.

Rotor Deconstruction is a pioneering company in the field of salvaged building components.
Our team dismantles, conditions and sells materials, as well as providing assistance to building owners, contractors and architects on the subject.


COVID: revised shipping options

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During the Covid lockdown, we have revised our shipping policies We only ship on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Small items (books, small lights, bulbs, hardware, etc) - Concerns only the items marked with the label ‘free local shipping’ - Free…

Inspiration: Offices for Zonnige Kempen by Rotor

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Zonnige Kempen (‘Sunny Campine’) owns about 2.400 social housing units in several municipalities around the little city of Westerlo. The company, founded in 1963, was an early adopter of green building. Their homes, ever since the 1970’s, explore the highest…

Meanwhile: Salvage of interior finishings for onsite reuse at AG Campus

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Our teams are currently at work on the futur AG Campus in the center of Brussels. The design by EVR Architecture reorganises the building to make room for public and semi-public spaces on the ground level. A detailled inventory was…

Incoming: Steel safes from a 1975 bank vault

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Incoming: Vintage steel safes from a bank vault that can easily be converted in an original cupboard or desk unit. Each block weight about 50kg and comes with the keys and codes. Codes can easily be reconfigured. With close to…

Sell your materials trough RotorDC


A new method for reusing ceramic tiles

Up to 85% less impact than equivalent new tiles


Glazed office partitions

Always at least 60% cheaper than new.


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