Rotor Deconstruction facilitates the reuse of construction materials.

Rotor Deconstruction is a pioneering company in the field of salvaged building components.
Our team dismantles, conditions and sells materials, as well as providing assistance to building owners, contractors and architects on the subject.


Une histoire belge


A new method for reusing ceramic tiles

Up to 85% less impact than equivalent new tiles


Glazed office partitions

Always at least 60% cheaper than new.



Incoming: Furniture by Knoll and De Coene for the Royal Library

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We are receiving a large batch of more than 100 furnitures that served at the Royal Library of Belgium (KBR). They were manufactured by legendary company De Coene from 1956 onwards. De Coene was licence holder for the manufacturing of…

Incoming: Tiles from ‘Kinderdorp Molenberg’ ca. 1948

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Kinderdorp Molenberg is a building complex in Lanaken, surrounded by a forest. The first plans were made by Koninklijke Openluchtwerken Limburg in 1948, shortly after the second world war. The project was for a center for 'weakened children' with a…

Inspiration: Restaurant ‘Brut’ by Design with Sense

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Conceived by Design With Sense, this restaurant is made of 95% reclaimed materials. Marble cladding, wood from a roof structure, heating tubing, ... many of the materials were furnished by RotorDC, including the repurposed table legs. Images:  © Ad Vitam…

Inspiration: Interior for Brussels’ Bouwmeester by LambrechtsMullervanderSchans

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Reuse of wall tiles from the Solvay building in the offices of Perspective Brussels. The project concerns the spatial and interior design of the ground floor of the new office space of Perspective Brussels. It is the result of a…

Coups de Coeur from our store

  • Stainless steel Knob

     39,00 /pc.
    9 available
  • Drawer Handle Art Deco

     15,00 /pc.
    6 available
  • Yellow glazed wall tiles by Bosh (151mm*75mm*8mm) ca. 1930

     49,00 /m2
  • Polished brass cabinet handle

     12,00 /pc.
    8 available

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