Rotor Deconstruction facilitates the reuse of construction materials.

Rotor Deconstruction is a pioneering company in the field of salvaged building components.
Our team dismantles, conditions and sells materials, as well as providing assistance to building owners, contractors and architects on the subject.

Sell your materials trough RotorDC


A new method for reusing ceramic tiles

Up to 85% less impact than equivalent new tiles


Glazed office partitions

Always at least 60% cheaper than new.



Incoming: Maintenance workshop at HF4 – Carsid, Charleroi

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The plant at Marchienne-au-Pont operated for over 100 years. In 2007 the blast furnace No.4 was restarted after a 3 month refurbishment process. But in November 2008 it was stopped due to low economic demand. Production at the plant was halted for…

Incoming: Villa ‘Kavel 19’ in Maastricht by Theo Boosten 1975

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Situated just outside Maastricht, the villa was originally intended by the architect to become his own house but due to circumstances he never lived there. Despite being incredible well preserved, after sale the new owners decided to make drastic changes…

Incoming: materials from Belgacom/ Rue Lebeau

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The Lebeau building fills the entire block between the Royal library, Rue Paille and Rue Lebeau. It is scheduled for total demolition, with the exception of the former 'Hotel Telephonique' that will be preserved. The site was in use by…

Incoming: Tiles from the Saint-Elisabeth Nursing School, Leuven, 1932

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Our first visit to this building took place in 2018. We found a building in very good condition. We produced a report on the type and quantities of materials that could be salvaged. We made a detailed survey and counted…

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