Rotor Deconstruction facilitates the reuse of construction materials.

Rotor Deconstruction is a pioneering company in the field of salvaged building components.
Besides running a store in the Brussels Region, we also provide assistance to building owners, contractors and architects.


New: Strappy shelf made from discarded boards

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Strappy is a wall mounted bookshelf made from discarded boards. The shelves are made solely from boards that would otherwise have been wasted. We source these materials in to be demolished buildings, or obtain them from cutting wastes at local…

Incoming: 2000m2 oak parquet flooring from 3Suisses building in Roubaix

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In collaboration with Bouygues Construction and local demolition contractor Vitse we have salvaged several thousand square meter of high quality oak flooring. These wooden floorboards were used to construct platforms to allow workers access to stacked goods and transportation systems.…

Renier Chalon house by MAMOUT architectes & AUXAU

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New project by Mamout and Auxau makes extensive use of reclaimed materials.     The project highlights the heritage of this typical Brussels “Maison de Maître” while radically changing the way of living in the house. Typical Brussels house are…

Offer a Rotor DC gift card

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Mismatched presents are painful for everyone involved, and they rarely do good for the environment. That's why we decided to launch our new system of gift cards. Sending a card is very simple: you can freely choose the amount, add…

Coups de Coeur from our store

  • Sale!

    Wall light ‘Hoban’ by Paul Gillis for Light

     300,00  210,00
    3 available
  • Hanging light with textured clear glass

    7 available
  • Service door in stainless steel with bronze door handles by Jules Wabbes

     2100,00 2500,00
  • Sale!

    Caged Vintage Industrial Pendant

     129,00  99,00
    7 available
  • Pin spot 77 901 by Erco (white)

     42,00 /pc.
    74 available
  • SNEAD book stack ‘Book Tower’

     150,00 300,00
  • Socket E27 in gloss porcelain with brass (new)

    46 available
  • Small door with door handle and signage by Jules Wabbes

  • Sale!

    Door from Antwerp City Hall

     249,00  149,00 /pc.
  • Black socket E27 in gloss porcelain with brass (new)

    60 available
  • Tissue dispenser in chromed brass ca. 1930

     49,00 /pc.
    4 available
  • Sale!

    Pink bathroom sink in porcelain “Sphinx” with integrated soap tray

     99,00  39,00
    4 available
  • Various marble plate

  • Large coat hook in porcelain

    6 available
  • Sale!

    Door from Antwerp City Hall

     249,00  99,00 /pc.
  • Bakelite and Brass E27 socket

     5,00 /pc.
    163 available
  • Door from Antwerp City Hall

     200,00 /pc.
  • Benches for Iveco trucks by Belgian Army

    41 available
  • Yellow lampoon in glass ca. 1930

    4 available
  • Sale!

    Circle pattern glass sphere pendant light

     129,00  89,00
  • Spotlight by iGuzzini

     99,00 /pc.
    4 available
  • Hanging light “Adhoc”

    5 available
  • Sale!

    Pair of Art Deco handles ca. 1930

     89,00  49,00
  • Sale!

    Bi-color mirror ca. 1984

     99,00  59,00 /pc.
    4 available
  • Sale!

    Door from Antwerp City Hall

     299,00  149,00 /pc.
  • Orange lampoon in glass ca. 1930

  • Concord track lighting set (14pc.)

  • Tiles in Belgian Blue limestone (bush-hammered)

     39,00 / m2
    32 available
  • Socket E27 in porcelain with brass (new)

    102 available
  • Angled porcelain lamp socket (OUT OF STOCK)

     9,00 /pc.