Rotor Deconstruction facilitates the reuse of construction materials.

Rotor Deconstruction is a pioneering company in the field of salvaged building components.
Besides running a store in the Brussels Region, we also provide assistance to building owners, contractors and architects.


Own a piece of the Antwerp City Hall

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Over the past few weeks, our crews have carefully dismantled materials that have become redundant in the historic Antwerp City Hall. Large quantities of lighting, carpentry, natural stone, sanitary equipment...

New arrival: large quantity of oak flooring

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We received several thousand square meters of oak floorboards that was originally installed in a factory just across the French border.

Materials from “De Ligne” by Marcel Lambrichs (ancien Crédit Communal)

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This iconic hexagonal building is currently under renovation, with respect for the original design. Rotor DC was tasked with removing interior finishings that were apt for reuse but would not...

Large salvage operation of fireproof office partitions with Louis De Waele

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We are currently preparing a large salvage operation of office partition walls that have become redundant in an administrative building. In total more than 2200 running meter of fireproof (RF30) partitions, more than 400 doors and 300 glazed elements will…


Coups de Coeur from our store

  • Asymmetric wall light in white glass

     59,00 /pc.
  • Spotlight for Erco track “Eclipse” by Mario Bellini

     99,00 /pc.
    2 available
  • Toilet roll holder by Knud Holscher for D-line

    15 available
  • Wall or ceiling light ‘Brillant’ by Motoko Ishii for Staff ca. 1970s

  • Uplighter ’33 405′ by Erco

    10 available
  • Sale!

    Chromed foot for power sockets ‘Lab’

     19,00 29,00
  • Coping tiles for walls

    39 available
  • Vanity unit with sink in stone beige

     279,00 / pc.
  • Hanging light in opaline

    14 available
  • Sale!

    Large print of ‘earth rise’

     399,00  199,00
  • White coat and umbrella rack by Paolo Orlandini & Roberto Lucci for Velca Legnano

     89,00 /pc.
    13 available
  • Door with frame from Antwerp City Hall

  • Glass and tinned steel shelf unit ca. 1950s

  • Hanging light in cristal from Antwerp City Hall

    2 available
  • Pendant lamp ‘Serpentine’by Gabi Peretto for Fontana Arte

    7 available
  • Coathook by Joseph Moutschen ca. 1937

  • Sale!

    Bronze cast decorative facade element

     99,00  79,00
    23 available
  • Suspension in striped glass ca. 1920s

  • Hanging light in blown glass

  • Sale!

    ‘Mezzaluna’ uplighter by Bruno Gecchelin for Skipper ca.1975

     119,00  79,00
  • Suspension in opaline glass ca. 1920s

  • Hanging light “Techno-P” by Wever & Ducré

     59,00 /pc.
  • Urinal divider in porcelain

    9 available
  • Laminated plywood tabletop

     4,00 19,00 / panel
  • Wall or ceiling light with porcelain base

     65,00 /pc.
    3 available
  • Laminated particleboard 19 mm

     9,00 / panel
  • SNEAD book stack ‘Book Tower’

     150,00 300,00
  • Sale!

    Terras floor in Belgian blue limestone

     71,39  60,00 / m2
    34 available
  • Large decorative tiles in ceramic from the 1960s

     69,00 199,00 / set
  • Bi-color mirror ca. 1984

    4 available