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Help us finance the development of next phase of RotorDC 

Rotor DC is looking to secure a 5 year loan of 250.000€ to fund its further expansion. Anyone living in Brussels can help. Thanks to the Proxi Loan system of the Brussels Region the annual netto expected rate of return is 2,5% (including tax breaks). 

UPDATE 22/6: We have reached 130.000€ in pledges.  
UPDATE 25/4: We have reached 48.000€ in pledges.  

UPDATE 14/4: We receive a lot of questions from people living outside Brussels that want to participate. Please give us a moment to figure that out, meanwhile feel free to send us a mail so we can get back to you when we have all the answers. 

Samenvatting: RotorDC wil over een periode van 5 jaar 250.000€ lenen om verdere groei mogelijk te maken. Iedereen die in Brussel woont kan helpen. Dankzij de Proxi lening georganiseerd door het Brussels Gewest is de geschatte netto return 2,5% (fiscaal voordeel inbegrepen). 

Résumé:   RotorDC cherche à emprunter 250.000€ sur 5 ans pour financer sa croissance. Tout les habitants de Bruxelles peuvent aider. Grâce au Prêt Proxi de la Région Bruxelloise, le rendement annuel est estimé à 2,5 % (inclus avantage fiscal).

In 8 years Rotordc has grown from a crazy idea into a reliable partner for those who want to work with second hand building materials in Brussels and beyond. In 2021 alone our turnover grew by more than 50%. We now deal with thousands of orders and we distribute materials that were salvaged on dozens of deconstruction sites.

As the impacts of climate change and the share of responsibility of the construction industry become more and more evident, many actors look for viable alternatives for sourcing low impact building materials. The rising prices of virgin and oversees materials have further lowered the threshold. This results in a rapidly rising demand for salvaged materials of quality. 

To enable this growth, RotorDC wants to invest in better infrastructure. The first and most urgent step was to set up a new website that helps us track orders, keep inventory and organise workflows more fluently. We're currently finalising the transition. 

The next step is to move to a new and permanent location in Brussels and to extend our installations for the processing of salvaged materials. Further more we will increase our stock levels to better absorb peaks in offer and demand. For all this we need your help. 

We are looking for people who share our conviction that the construction industry needs to decarbonise, and that can lend between 2.500€ and 50.000€ for a period of 5 years. Besides a modest return of 1% paid by Rotordc, the lenders benefit from tax break that bring the estimated return on 2,5% annually. The loans are partially guaranteed by the Brussels Region to further limit the risk. 

Full description of the conditions can be found here: 

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