Call for funding
(update and final phase) 

In 2022, many of you put your trust in us and enabled us to finance 173.500 EUR out of the 250.000 EUR initially requested.

This amount allowed us to achieve the first two objectives of the fundraising, namely:

1. Move all our activities (during the summer of 2022) > DONE

    New address: Avenue de Bâle, 3 - 1140 EVERE

2. Invest in the equipment and tools necessary to develop a cleaning and re-packaging line for reused tiles (in addition to a BeCircular 2021 grant) > SOON OPERATIONAL

In 2023, our development continues, and despite the current economic downturn, the prospects are still very exciting. In 2023, we would like to continue to raise the remaining 76.500 EUR in order to secure our 3rd major objective: 

3. Increase our stock of reuse materials - improve working     capital.

As a reminder, the mechanism chosen (= proxi loan) to achieve these ambitions is part of a scheme set up by the Brussels region to encourage private individuals in Brussels to finance the activities of self-employed people or SME’s in Brussels.

In 8 years RotorDC has grown from a crazy idea into a reliable partner for those who want to work with second hand building materials in Brussels and beyond. We almost doubled our turnover in the past two years and increased the number of workers accordingly. We now deal with thousands of orders and we distribute materials that were salvaged on dozens of deconstruction sites.

As the impact of climate change and the share of responsibility of the construction industry become more and more evident, many actors look for viable alternatives to source low impact building materials. The rising prices of virgin and overseas materials have further lowered the threshold. This results in a rapidly rising demand for salvaged materials of quality. 

We are looking for people who share our conviction that the construction industry needs to decarbonise, and that can lend between 2.500 EUR and 50.000 EUR for a period of 5 years. Besides a modest return of 2,625 % paid by Rotordc, the lenders benefit from a tax break that brings the estimated return of 3,2% annually. The loans are partially guaranteed by the Brussels Region to further limit the risk. 

Full description of the conditions can be found here: 

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