Call for Proposals    

Temporary or Long Term Work Spaces for Rent in Evere/Haren

Rotor DC is looking for organisations and people that are interested in renting space in its new HQ situated on the corner of Avenue Croydon and Avenue de Bale in Evere. Are you interested?  Come to one of our scheduled visits and send your application as soon as possible!

In the past summer we have moved our shop to a new location with the aim of staying for a long-term period (30 years or more).

The building consists of several constructions from the 1980s including two warehouses and two office buildings. RotorDC will use most of the ground floor of the buildings as well as the front courtyards. We already made an agreement with a tenant that will occupy the warehouse situated on Avenue Croydon. However, we still have well over 1000 square meters of space to rent out on the first floor, as well as roughly 4000 square meters of unbuilt terrain.

This call aims to transform an office building scheduled for demolition in a vibrant pole that brings together a variety of actors. In this process we privilege the housing of circular economy companies. We also favour long term over short term and larger tenants over multiple small ones for ease of management.

The entire first floor and part of the second floor are available for rent. The spaces in the buildings can either be rented out in their current state (unheated, but with working electricity and lights), or they can be adapted to specific needs for specific tenants. The offer varies from office box typologies in a variety of sizes to open-air plots of land. Both blocks of buildings can offer spaces that range in floor areas, from S being <20sqm to L > 55 sqm and these can be combined to form larger areas. We are open to modifications of the partitions to best fit the needs. Regarding the back lawn, the un-built terrain is also available for rent, where generally long term leases give the possibility of constructing new infrastructure on this land.

If interested, please contact by sending an email to

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Avenue de Bâle 3, 1140 Evere 

The site is part of the Da Vinci business parc by

More info, pictures and plans of the location can be found here :