Lighting fixtures from National Park Hotel (Bormio/ Valtellina) by Valcepina and Grossi (ca. 1980)                    

The National Park Hotel was situated in Bormio (Valtellina) in the hart of the Italian Alps. The building and its furnishings were designed by local architects Valcepina and Grossi in the 1980ies. The complex consisted of 5 floors + 1 underground level with a total of 3500sqm. It held 58 rooms (2000sqm), including some suites and small apartments, as well as two floors of shared services (1500sqm).

The materials used were plain gorgeous: approx 1000sqm of a 37x24cm klinker with burned shadows , delicate plays of glossy and and matte beige spotted tiles in the bathrooms, floor finishes in Granito Rosa di Baveno, doors with dark wood veneer, specifically designed carpets in different tones, orange-red and warm yellow laminated furniture, and yellow finished steel wall lamps, table lamps, and ceiling lamps.

While we suggested to find local destinations for the furniture, we also proposed to buy all of the lights. Over 300 lights have been demounted and we are in the process of restoring all of them to their former glory. After 40 years of service, it is time to change cables and sockets, and we are giving everything a good scrubbing at the same time. They will become available for purchase in the following weeks.






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