R&D project on the reuse of stone slabs released by the renovation of building’s facades, funded by the Brussels-Capital Region - Innoviris

RE-STONE aims to develop a stable range of construction products made from natural stone panels reclaimed during the energy renovation of real estate complexes in Brussels and other regions. Over recent decades, many buildings have utilized natural stone as facade cladding, resulting in significant quantities of granite, marble, or limestone. With upcoming renovation works, a substantial portion of these facades will be replaced. To prevent material waste, RE-STONE proposes to establish a professional channel for the recovery and reuse of these stone slabs, thanks to innovative technical, logistical, and commercial solutions.

Energy renovation of Brussels and Belgian real estate has become a focal point, often entailing a complete modification of building envelopes to enhance thermal insulation and airtightness. Consequently, large quantities of natural stone facade are regularly removed. RE-STONE offers a circular solution by salvaging and repurposing these materials, thus minimizing waste and preventing the unneeded extraction of fresh resources.

Products / Services

The project primarily focuses on bringing on the market construction products derived from reclaimed natural stone facade slabs, while also exploring other sources such as flooring slabs or interior wall cladding. The products are designed to retain their original properties, providing stable and well-documented solutions for circular construction projects.


Through collaboration across the supply chain, RE-STONE aims to establish a professional channel for the reuse of stone facade slabs. Pilot operations will be conducted to test models and products, showcasing the financial viability of this approach for all involved parties.


Previous pilot initiatives by RotorDC and Rotor asbl have demonstrated the potential of this type of reclaimed stone, such as creating terraces from granite slabs salvaged during building renovations. These initiatives were the starting point for a more in-depth approach.

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