Reuse of ceramic tiles in Gemeenteschool De Kriek, Schaarbeek                    

During the renovation of a primary school, Java Architects gave great care to the optimal use of the existing materials. A detailed inventory was made of all the materials present, and as many materials as possible were reused on site. Other materials will be made available for reuse in other projects trough the general contractor.

Rotor DC was tasked with the removal of a few hundred square meter of ceramic tiles. The 1950’s tiles are now being reconditioned so they are ready for reuse. They will be reinstalled in another part of the same building later this year.

To remove the mortar from the tiles, we’re making use of a specifically developed installation that uses a biological acid. The process, that uses only rainwater for rinsing, was found by an independent assessment to be 85% less harmful to the environement as the fabrication of an equivalent new product. 






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