In February 2022, we acquired the content of the former workshop at the bankrupt Durobor plant in Soignies (Hainaut). We found plenty of glasses from different phases of the stemware manufacturing process. Some of them only have the body while others also have stem and base, but almost all of them have a specific lid on the rim. After the glass has been blown in the mold, the temperature has to cool down and the glass is still extremely fragile. In order for the machines to move the glasses around efficiently without risking damage, the glasses have a temporary lid attached to their rim. Then the glass bowl is turned upside down and the bottom is heated with a torch to attach a stem and a base. At the end of the process, the lid is cut and heated. 

Various sizes and shapes available in our physical shop, hand cleaned by our team. Sold per kg. 

Glass pieces from Durobor Factory

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