Mechanical cleaning of mortar residues and quality sorting were carried out by our team in our workshop. As the mechanical cleaning process does not remove joint residues from the edges of the tiles, dimensions may slightly vary (± 0,2 cm). The upper surface is usually smooth and uniform. The underside (not visible) is cleaned of mortar residues by mechanical sawing which creates a slight relief to improve adhesion to the substrate. Due to their porosity, cement tiles are likely to absorb liquids - we recommend applying a water/oil repellent solution on the upper surface.


15 cm (± 0,2 cm)


15 cm (± 0,2 cm)

Thickness2 cm (± 0,2 cm)

Condition: There are chips and mortar on the edges (less than 0,5 cm). Needs to be cleaned. Color variations are possible due to original exposure and use over time. As this batch is unique, we recommend taking a margin into account in order to complete your project. We advise customers to come at our shop and check before buying.  

Delivery/Pick-up packaging (pallets and pallet collars) is not included in the price.

Technical sheet below :

Cement tiles 'Gesualdo' (15 x 15 cm) - Sold per tile

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