A new mining rush on an unprecedented scale has begun. In the name of the fight against global warming, as much metal should be produced in twenty years as has been extracted in the entire history of mankind. From the copper rush in Andalusia, to cobalt extraction in Morocco, to the resource war in Ukraine, this investigation of mining sites around the world reveals the impasse and hypocrisy of this extractivist “transition”.

By analyzing the new mining geopolitics, Celia Izoard brings to light another challenge: meeting the colossal metal needs of the digital, aerospace and arms industries, in a world where Western industries are competing with the resource superpowers that China and Russia have become.

Under the banner of “civilization” and “development”, mining has played a structuring role in the expansion of capitalism. In the era of “transition”, how can we move beyond this mining regime, to which the elites have suspended our destiny?


ISBN : 9782021515282

Book 'La Ruée minière au XXIe siècle' by Celia Izoard

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