Consists of tiles that were damaged in the demount or cleaning process. They can be used kept in one piece, in a traditional pattern with a more rustique look, or they can be broken and used in a "trencadis" floor applications. Also very beautiful for table and bar tops. The tiles are clean from any mortar. Available colours depend on what we are processing that moment. Only on sale in our physical shop. For installation, use of a (thicker) mortar layer is preferable over the use of a thinner tile glue. Because tile glue is only 1 to 2mm thick, it does not allow for the evening out of tiles of different thicknesses. If only tiles of the exact same thickness are used, glue could be feasible.   Image: Moor & Moor grocery store by Doorzon Architects (Ghent)

Ceramic tiles for opus incertum

    barcode: 999FLO001

    Weight: 40.00 kg

    29.00 € 29.00 € / m2 29.0 EUR

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