Sonian Wood Coop and RotorDC join forces to produce Brussels’ parquet    

Most of the trees growing in the Brussels region end up being either exported to oversees factories, or being shredded for use as biomass and mulch. The Sonian Wood Coop was founded to find local applications for these high quality woods. They sell milled and dried wood to Brussels’ woodworkers, and realise bespoke projects for local clients.

In 2022, Sonian Wood Coop and RotorDC join forces to take things one step further: state of the art parquet floors made from Brussels wood, ready for installation. We will document the providence of each batch of wood throughout the process so our clients will know exactly where their wood comes from.

The first batches of wood come from the garden of the Institut Royal pour Sourds et Aveugles and from the Sonian Forest.

Technical information:

Batch 004: Beech from Sonian Forest

Batch 008: Red oak from IRSA 

Batch 10.2:  Beech from Sonian Forest 

General installation and maintenance guide (in French) :


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