Until 1 July 

Normal operation. That means these are the last few days to order online, take advantage of two weeks free storage or our delivery service.

From Saturday 2 July to Saturday 23 July

- 20% discount on everything on site (that is not yet packed)!
- No more online ordering possible.
- All purchases must be bought and taken away immediately in our physical shop, no reservations, storage or delivery service.
- We will gradually start packing the items, only unpacked items still in our shop will be available for sale.

From 24 July to 31 July

The shop is closed: no purchases possible (not even online)

 From 01 August 

The physical shop is closed but purchases are possible online (please note pickup is starting from 18/08, not before)

From 16 August

Business as usual - but in a new location! We will take advantage of the move to make a complete inventory, that means all products will gradually be added to the website.