Rotor Deconstruction can facilitate operations for the reuse of building materials in a variety of ways.

Physical removal of reusable materials from demolition and renovation sites

For who: large building owners, demolition companies
What: We remove the materials deemed fit for reuse and market the material
Cost: Clients only pay a fee per material type per tonne, so costs are typically lower than classical demolition. The proceeds from the sale of the materials are used to finance its careful deconstruction.
Advantages: Clients receive detailed reporting on salvaged materials and can use this information for sustainability assessments and public relations. Operations are run on a fixed budget and are zero-risk and zero-investment.
Requirements: a preliminary inventory of asbestos and other dangerous substances present in the building

 Consignment sales of reusable materials

For who: everyone
What: Demounting and transport are arranged by the consignee, while Rotor Deconstruction takes care of the sale through its network and/or website. The cost is in function of the materials on sale, typically about half of selling price. Advantages: Consignment is a great way to earn extra money on a demolition without the needing to set up your own shop, meeting with potential clients etc.
More info here.
Requirements: detailed photographs of the materials offered

Consultancy and design assistance

For who: architects, engineers, building owners
What: assessing, prior to demolition, the potential for on or off-site reuse; sourcing of reclaimed materials for a new design; assistance in the drafting of technical specifications; project planning; logistical support etc.
Cost: Project based. The reuse strategy is tailored according to the requirements of the client (cost-neutrality, maximise reuse, focus on preservation, etc.)
Advantages: clients save time and avoid taking unnecessary risks

Historic preservation

For who: building owners, contractors
What: demounting and storage of historic building artefacts during renovation works
Cost: project based
Advantages: detailed inventory system; tracking of all parts in numbered boxes; state-of-the-art documentation


For who: large building owners, demolition companies
What: We help sell off large or heavy on-site assets such as back up generators, large quantities of clinkers, demountable buildings, etc.
Cost: per project

Tailored solutions

For who: everyone
What: You tell us; we love a good challenge!

A few typical interventions:

Inspiration: Interior for ‘Kontoer’ by Het Kantoor Van Morgen

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Het Kantoor van Morgen designed this classy interior for Kontoer in Turnhout. The lobby brings together 6 very different activities; a foodshop, a second hand clothing store, a bistrot, a retouches service for clothing,  and a pop up space where…

Inspiration: Ramenbar ‘Astro Boy’ by Onbetaalbaar (Ghent)

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Onbetaalbaar designed the interior for ramenbar Astro Boy. You'll notice our Sangoku hanging lights above the counter (almost sold out), and an ingenious adaptation of our Jacqueline hanging lights that were mounted on arched tubes by the designers. The project uses…

Inspiration: Offices for Zonnige Kempen by Rotor

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Zonnige Kempen (‘Sunny Campine’) owns about 2.400 social housing units in several municipalities around the little city of Westerlo. The company, founded in 1963, was an early adopter of green building. Their homes, ever since the 1970’s, explore the highest…

Inspiration: Sanitary block for the Itterbeek Chiro by Rotor

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This small sanitary block project is located next to the old farmhouse housing the Chiro d'Itterbeek, a youth organisation. It is an extension which, although completely redone, is made up of less than a third of new materials (in %…

Inspiration: Extraction of ventilation system from Multi Tower

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On October 2nd we finalised a reclaim operation of a large ventilation unit (the size of a van) from the Multi tower in the center of Brussels. This is the second operation of its kind that Rotor is involved with.…

Inspiration: Reuse of ceramic tiles in Gemeenteschool De Kriek, Schaarbeek

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During the renovation of a primary school, Java Architects gave great care to the optimal use of the existing materials. A detailed inventory was made of all the materials present, and as many materials as possible were reused on site.…